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Version 1.3.4

posted Jan 29, 2014, 7:50 PM by Corey Z
Play Store Release: 1/29/2014

  • New System+ Module for Android 4.1+
    • The Helper app has been deprecated for new Android versions
  • Added ability to change Location Mode [4.4, Root]
  • Added ability to change default SMS app [4.4, Pro, Root]
  • Added switch Default Launcher [4.4, Pro, Root]
  • Added Notification Listener action [4.3, Root]
  • Added Hardware Keyboard toggle [4.0+]
  • Added HTC Power Saver option [Stock HTC ROM]
  • Added ability to test actions
    • New menu item in the Select Option Activity
    • Updates the current status

  • Android 4.4 fixes
  • Fixed issue with Google Now shortcut not working with multiple contexts
  • Fixed issue enabling Bluetooth in the "BT Connection" action
  • New encryption method for Password/Pin action
  • Implemented new Input Method switching functionality
  • Fixed Lock Screen Timeout not being able to be saved
  • Attempted fix for app list not loading due to too many apps installed
  • Attempted fix for "Clear App Data" issue on some devices
  • Fix for LTE toggle on Android 4.4 based ROMs
  • Addressed submitted crashes

  • Revamped the Select Option Activity
    • List can be collapsed
    • Added menu item to show/hide disabled options
    • Added menu item to install Helper
    • Updated UI to show incompatible/disabled options by default
  • No longer disabling ADB when not connected to USB for ADB over Network option
  • Updated VPN action requirements. Now requires JB 4.2+