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Version 1.3.3

posted Aug 31, 2013, 2:23 PM by Corey Z   [ updated Aug 31, 2013, 3:42 PM ]
Play Store Release: 8/31/2013

  • Fixes for Android 4.3+ compatibility
    • Airplane Mode
    • Lock screen Owner Info
  • Helper Alternative [4.1+ and Root Only]
    • Access Helper functionality without having to install another app or move Secure Settings to the system partition!
  • Input Method Sub-types [4.0+]
    • You can now switch to individual enabled languages for a keyboard
  • New Pattern Unlock method [Experimental!]
    • Select "Pattern Unlock Method [4.1+]" in the Preferences to select the new option
  • Support for new apps
    • Automagic
    • GX Switches
New Actions:
  • Execute Shortcut
    • Ability to launch a shortcut
  • Show Touches [4.0+]
    • Ability to toggle the on-screen touch pointer
  • Wifi Hotspot [4.0+]
    • Ability to toggle the built-in Wifi Hotspot
    • This will NOT allow you to configure the Hotspot, it will only allow you to manipulate it if previously configured
New Root Actions:
  • Background Process Limit [4.0+] [Root] [PRO]
    • Ability to set the number of processes to allow running in the background
  • Package Notification [4.1+] [Root]
    • Ability to toggle Notifications for a given app
  • Power Button Lock [4.1+] [Root] [PRO]
    • Allows for toggling the "Power button instantly locks" setting in the device security settings
  • VPN [4.0+] [Root] [Experimental!]
    • Ability to automatically connect to and disconnect from stored VPN profiles
New Helper Actions:
  • Day Dream [4.2+] [Helper]
    • Change the currently active Day Dream
  • Day Dream State [4.2+] [Helper]
    • Ability to set Day Dreaming active or not
  • Lock Screen Timeout [4.0+] [Helper] [PRO]
    • Set how long before the Lock Screen automatically times out
    • Combine this with "Power Button Lock" option to disable the Lock Screen
  • Unknown Sources [Helper]
    • Allows for toggling the "Unknown Sources" option in the device settings
  • Wi-Fi Optimization [4.2+] [Helper]
    • Allow for toggling the "Wi-Fi optimization" option in the Advanced Wi-Fi Settings.
  • Wi-Fi Scanning [4.3+] [Helper]
    • Allows for toggling the "Scanning always available" option in the Advanced Wi-Fi Settings.
Custom ROM Actions:
  • Samsung Modes [Samsung ROM]
    • Allows for toggling the Blocking, Driving and Power Saver modes
  • System UI Crash Fix
    • If you have experienced System UI Crashes, see the new option in the Preferences to address this issue
  • Updated "Launch Activity" logic
    • Will now find more activities available for launching
  • Fixed crash when loading app list with a large number of apps installed
  • New method for detecting LTE which should allow for more devices to be detected
  • No longer require root access to be enabled for Helper functions
    • This allows for installing the Helper and then removing root access (Experimental!)
  • Ability to long-press the Search button to trigger the Google Now shortcut
  • Added ability to delete an app to Package Options
  • Using Roboto font on 4.1+