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Version 1.3.1

posted Nov 23, 2012, 2:37 PM by Corey Z   [ updated Nov 24, 2012, 10:18 AM ]
Version 1.3.1
Market Release: 11/24/2012
  • Bug fixes
    • Pattern Lock - Wait for unlock wasn't working
    • Fixed a false positive with the Mobile Data option returning errors
  • Addressed Reported Crashes

Version 1.3
Market Release: 11/23/2012

Introducing Secure Settings Pro!
  • 8 new features! (See below)
    • These new features all use built-in device methods instead of command line hacks
    • For example, Reboot will reboot your device cleanly including shutting down radios
  • Trial licenses are available!
    • Click the menu button inside of the Upgrade screen to request a trial
  • Upgrade through an in-app payment or though PayPal

19 New Options!

  • Google Now Shortcut (Pro)
    • Use the Google Now button as a condition!
  • Outgoing Call
    • Use outgoing calls as a condition
    • Optionally end the call (Pro)
  • BT Connection [4.0+]
    • Connect/Disconnect to a Bluetooth device automatically
    • Optionally enable Bluetooth
  • BT Tether [4.0+] (Pro)
    • Enable/Disable Bluetooth tethering
    • This uses native tethering and can often bypass carrier restrictions
  • Font Size [4.0+]
    • Automatically change the global system font size
  • Launch Activity
    • Launch any activity for an app
    • If the activity is not public, root access will be required to launch it
Dev Admin Actions:
  • Lock Screen Widgets [4.2+]
    • Enable/Disable the different lock screen widgets

Root Actions:
  • Background Data (Pro)
    • Disable Background Data
    • On 4.0+, this option will enable/disable the Restrict Data option
  • Force GPU Rendering [4.0+]
  • Hardware Overlays [4.1+] (Pro)
  • Package Options (Pro)
    • Clear App Cache
    • Clear App Data
    • Clear App Defaults
    • Force Stop App
  • Phone Options (Pro)
    • Answer Call
    • End Call
    • Silence Ringer
  • Reboot Options (Pro)
    • Reboot
    • Reboot Bootloader
    • Reboot Recovery
  • USB Tether (Pro)
    • Enables/Disables USB tethering
    • This uses native tethering and can often bypass carrier restrictions
Helper Actions [4.2+] - Default Actions [4.1 and below]:
  • Airplane Mode
  • Airplane Mode Radios
  • Stay Awake While Charging
  • Wifi Sleep Policy
Custom Rom Actions:
  • Expand Desktop
    • On CM10 and Paranoid Android, you can toggle the option that shows/hides the System UI

New Features
  • Persist Helper on boot option
    • The Helper will be automatically installed on boot if it's found to be missing
    • If there is a previously downloaded copy of the Helper, it will be used instead of re-downloading
    • This is useful after a rom update
    • Disabled by default, enable in the settings if you want this
    • Disabling this option will turn off the boot listener
  • Pattern Lock method [4.1+] option
    • If your device has SQLite, you can choose whether to use the SQLite method to update the Pattern Lock or the traditional method
    • Some users have had better luck with one method versus an other
  • Package State (previously Package Manager) updated
    • Added "User Disable" option to Package State option
    • On 4.0+, this option can disable apps that might have had issues being re-enabled in the past
  • Helper options
    • Helper installation process was completely rewritten
    • Added "Verify Helper" option
      • Useful to quickly check if the Helper is working properly
    • Added ability to download the APK directly
  • Added "Wait for Process" feature to the Run Command option

  • Helper installation dialog can be cancelled
  • When conditions are disabled, any associated component is disabled
    • For example, when the Outgoing Call option is disabled, Secure Settings will not receive any notification that a call is being made
  • Fixed issue where Shortcuts would only work for a brief period
    • Please re-add any shortcuts you created and they should work going forward
  • Now timing out when asking for root during Helper Installation
    • If root access is not granted within 10 seconds, the installation/update will stop
  • Helper was completely rewritten (v 1.2)
    • Smaller package size
    • Using inter-process communication
    • Required update to use this Secure Settings 1.3

  • Revamped Options screen
    • Now shows options in a collapsible list
  • Using Jelly Bean notifications in several areas
  • Added new styled notification icons
  • Added link to XDA thread in Info tab
  • Lots of code refactoring
  • Miscellaneous UI fixes
  • Using new custom styled toast for background messages
  • Added fragment transitions because why not

New Permissions
  • Bluetooth Admin
  • Bluetooth
  • Boot Complete
  • Process Outgoing Calls