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Version 1.2.2

posted May 31, 2012, 10:08 AM by Corey Z
Market Release: 05/31/2012

  • Added Fast Charge Option [Custom Kernel with Fast Charge Required]
    • Allows your device to charge faster over USB
    • Known supported kernels:
      • franco.Kernel
      • imoseyon leankernel
  • Added ADB over Network Option [CM9]
    • Similar to Wireless ADB but leverages the built-in option CM9 provides

Bug Fixes
  • No longer causes process crashes on AOKP
  • Added support for non-market versions of EasyProfiles
  • Addressed all submitted crash reports
  • Fixed issue where UI would display incorrectly after new version installed

  • Added explanation when clicking on the "Decryption Failed" notification
  • Added more options to the main app menu
  • Added donate button to main UI
  • Moved Kill App Back Button to "Custom Rom" section