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Version 1.2

posted May 3, 2012, 5:33 PM by Corey Z   [ updated May 4, 2012, 3:43 PM ]
Market Release: 05/03/2012

Holy changelog Batman!

New Options:
  • Added Secret Code Condition
    • Enter a special number in the Dialer to trigger an action
    • Numbers must be entered in *#*#NUMBER#*#* format
  • Added Data Roaming Action
    • Allows for toggling the data roaming functionality in the Settings
    • This is experimental, please let me know if it doesn't work!
  • Added Mobile Data Action
    • Ability to enable or disable mobile data on 2.3+
    • Added this for those out there without the functionality built in (mainly Locale)
  • Added LTE Action [Requires CM9]
    • Allows devices running CM9 to enable or disable LTE
New Features:
  • Added EasyProfiles support
  • Added new method for picking options while inside Locale/Tasker/etc
  • Added Guides
    • Helpful guides are now available in the main activity's menu
  • Added visual representation for options meeting requirements in option list
    • Clicking on the icon will show a message with why the option is available or not

Misc Updates:
  • Run Command Option updated
    • New option to keep device awake while executing the command
    • Made the command input box larger (expands to 8 lines)
    • Removed ICS spell check for all text entry boxes
    • Can now clear command finished Notification
    • Overhauled Console Output activity
      • Async loading to help with large output files
      • Fast Scroll available for large output
      • Can now click each output line to copy text
  • Completely overhauled Keyguard option
    • Now runs in foreground by default
    • The service will be less likely to be killed by the OS
    • Click the notification to enable the Keyguard again
  • Completely overhauled Wireless ADB option
    • Can automatically enable/disable Wifi when triggering action
      • Will only disable Wifi if Secure Settings started it when the action triggered
    • Now runs in foreground with informative notification updates
    • Uses Wifi listener to enable or disable the service when Wifi status changes
    • Click the notification to disable the service
  • Updated requirements handling
    • Now checking if requirements have changed when the app resumes from the background
    • Reloading option lists when requirements change
  • Renamed "ADB" option to "USB Debugging"

Nerdy Updates:
  • Implemented Actionbar Sherlock
    • Allows for unified UI across all supported Android versions
    • Now using Actionbar Tabs for main UI
    • Main app menu items are now loaded into the main view rather than new activities
  • Lots of code refactoring
  • Fixed issues with orientation changes
    • Can now rotate device without losing state
  • Changelog functionality completely overhauled. Now uses web view to display formatted changes
  • Updated Fire Receiver
    • If option is disabled in the UI, it will not execute
  • Broke out options into new groups in the UI
  • Updated to newest ADT tools and updated all deprecated code
  • Using new site to host update manifest files
  • Changed preferences schema
    • When updating to this version, useful preferences will be preserved and the rest will be deleted
    • You will see the dialog messages again but any stored preferences should be restored

Bug Fixes:
  • Addressed all submitted crash reports
  • Fixed bug introduced in previous version that prevented the Device Admin checkbox from showing correct state
  • Current State now reflects Keyguard state correctly (was inverted previously)