What is Secure Settings?

Secure Settings is a plugin that enhances the functionality of a few apps on the market. These apps (Locale, Tasker, Llama, Setting Profiles) all do essentially the same thing with varying states of functionality and complexity. I would consider these apps to be automation engines for your phone. They all allow you to set up a context that when met will trigger an action. Essentially "If this, then do that" logic. 

A common example would be:
"If I'm at home, turn on my Wi-Fi and set my ringer volume up."

While most of these apps are very full featured out of the box, they don't often allow for changing system settings. An example of where Secure Settings enhances these apps would be:
"When I'm at home, disable my password so I don't have to enter it but enable it as soon as I leave."

Most of the functions that Secure Settings performs would only be useful when triggered by some condition or a shortcut. It is because of this that it is a plugin and not a full app on its own.